Geaux Deaux


Geaux Deaux is a new dessert business opening up in Louisiana. Starting in Hammond, Geaux Deaux will begin to travel the city selling gourmet, edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors. Inspired by New Orleans, Geaux Deaux will craft New Orleans original flavors alongside traditional cookie and ice cream flavors. Find the next location of Geaux Deaux by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

That's right, folks! Your craving has finally arrived to Louisiana. We know you secretly have been licking the bowl whenever you bake your favorite cookies. Now you don't have to - our cookie dough is safe to eat and just as delicious. Geaux Deaux has arrived to deliver a wide assortment of delicious flavors, all fresh and straight from the mixing bowl. 

But I thought it was bad to eat?

Yes, you should not be eating the dough leftovers while your cookies bake in the oven. Typical cookie dough includes raw eggs and raw flour. Raw eggs contain the risk of containing Salmonella. Raw flour has had previous E. Coli outbreaks. Our cookie Deaux includes NO EGGS. We also heat-treat, or pasteurize, the flour, killing any bacteria and making it safe for consumption.

Who are we?

Daniel Fouquet and Kierstyn Spratt met in Baton Rouge in 2014 working at Texas de Brazil together. Since then, they both graduated from LSU. Kierstyn works as a 3rd grade teacher and Daniel as a mechanical engineer. They began their cookie dough adventure in September 2017, and the business was established that December. With the love and support from their family, friends, puppies, and customers, they have started an adventure together to bring delicious treats to Louisiana.


Where Are We?

Geaux Deaux's kitchen is located at 21041 Hwy 36 Suite B, Covington, LA. We will be mixing up some Deaux right across the street from Abita Brewery. We will be servicing areas from Baton Rouge, to the North Shore, to New Orleans. Keep in touch with our social media pages and the announcement bar at the top of the website for information on when and where we will be located.